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Todd Steponick is a multidisciplinary artist making films and more.

Music Videos, Shorts

Sound Systems, by At Work

For Batona Music. New Jersey. 2020.

From the winter ambience of Trenton, NJ and outlying suburbs out to the anthropocene, Sound Systems surveys many fronts simultaneously in the heavy Trump years with a cautious longing for competent systems to properly respond to our existential crises.

Made under the influence of climate anxiety, terminal suburban boredom, and shame for a grim future we can’t seem to mitigate.

Faito, by Alka

Directed, animated, designed, and produced with Erika Tele for Vince Clarke's VeryRecords. Brooklyn, NY. 2020.

Faito is a subtle internal anthem for defiantly fighting on amidst times of anxiety and uncertainty.

The visual accompaniment reflects the screen-based mediated experience of isolation and connection in pandemic life.

Themes of existential, epistemological, and personal crises are juxtaposed against void-filling celebrity spectacle and cheery consumerism’s simple solutions, before spiraling into private disintegration.
In the end, it’s caring friends who get it that can only ever really help.

Menara (Gene Swarm) Featuring Terence McKenna, by Pablo Sandoz X Indidginus

London, United Kingdom and Johannesburg, South Africa. 2015.

Pablo Sandoz is last known entity of Colin Angus formerly of The Shamen.

Wild & Shit With Evan Wilder - Whistlin' Wild

Appeared in Tracey Moberly's Tweet-Me-Up! at The Tanks, Tate Modern, London. 2012.

Wild & Shit is a series of shorts that explores the good and the bad of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, via Pinelandian Evan Wilder, by making use of the language of electronic music to interpret local forest phenomena.

Indiscernible Structures by At Work

Appeared in Tracey Moberly's Tweet-Me-Up! at The Tanks, Tate Modern, London. 2012.

A turbulent future still dependent on automobiles and fossil fuels is wracked by predictably intense weather, flooding, and destabiliazation.

The moon indifferently continues its seemingly eternal arc.

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